Louise S

SecurePC always makes sure we have the latest in security and backup software.

It doesn’t matter if we have a minor or a major computer problem SecurePC responds in a timely manner with the knowledge necessary to resolve our all of our computer issues.

You can always expect quality service and honesty from SecurePC.

Rose S

The biggest benefit to working with SecurePC is the feeling of having that “security blanket”.  There is someone there that can be counted on, to help when things aren’t operating as they should be.  There’s nothing worse then having  your day fall apart because of a computer issue and not knowing how, or who, can fix it!

SecurePC is always quick to respond at any time of the day.  First thing in the morning or at the end of the day.  Someone always answers the phone. Jerry is good at assessing our needs and finding the best solution both immediate and long term.

Jerry is easy to work with, communicates in a way that a person can understand, even if you aren’t computer savvy and does not do or try to sell unnecessary work.

Bess G

Jerry and Secure PC are the real deal. Knowledgeable, professional and most of all – patient. If you use a Windows PC to do your banking, prepare taxes, manage your health records, email your Mother – and who doesn’t? – you need SecurePC. McAffee simply isn’t enough in these hacker times. Jerry totally helped us out of a security breach situation that could have created mayhem for our personal and professional lives. Thanks Jerry!!

Marian E

For those of us who didn’t grow up with computers, the services of SecurePC and Jerry have been most welcome and none threatening. Thanks

Dave P

SecurePC is always professional and accessible – and I love the remote capability. Great service and always returns calls promptly.

Mary P

I’m glad I don’t have to take my computer to a repair shop, it’s great to have it done in my home or remotely.

Tom D

I have been a customer of SecurePC for quite a few years, and I will continue to trust Jerry in the future!

Jessie P

Our experience with SecurePC was second to none. I will continue to promote SecurePC to my friends, without any worries.